Famous Alumni

Over the past few centuries, The Royal and Ancient Humor Society has enjoyed guffaws from the some of the greatest minds to bless the world stage.  As we stand on the shoulders of these giants, it is appropriate to reflect briefly on their contribution to the comic arts:

A fiercely competitive satirist with a .367 lifetime laughing average, Ty Cobb was known to deliver his punchlines “spikes up”

Ty Cobb (4,191 puns)

Albert Einstein (Time slows down as you approach the speed of sight-gags)

Immanuel Kant (His legendary one liners averaged over 400 words and 28 semicolons)

Herman Melville (“Call me anything but late for dinner” was the famous opening line to his magnum opus Moby-Dublin)

Samuel Morse (-.- -. — -.-. -.- / -.- -. — -.-. -.-)

Charles Darwin (Clowns evolved from organ-grinder monkeys, which evolved from primordial goo)

Based on Darwin’s theories, carbon-based humor first appeared on Earth 3.6 billion years ago

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