Update on our Application – Please Be Patient

Conceived in 1811, the Royal and Ancient Humor Society of Dublin Ohio is still waiting on its official paperwork to be approved.  The 201 year delay has been the result of some administrative mishaps beyond our control.  We appreciate your patience as we attempt to rectify the problem.

Notable efforts to secure approval over the years have included:

Hindebburg blows up

The Hindenberg ~ one of many ill-fated attempts to deliver our application for approval.

1811 – Smoke signals.  (The only thing we secured was emphysema)

1846 – Gave to Donner Party.  (Eaten)

1898 – Transport on U.S.S. Maine.  (Sunk)

1914 – Delivery via carrier pigeon.  (Became extinct during flight)

1937 – Dirigibles.  (Burned)

1975 – Jimmy Hoffa.  “I’m going right by the place.”  (Missing)

2012 – Sent via email.  (Spam folder)

As new updates become available we will be sure to share them with you here.


John Edwards, [former] Lucasian Chair, The Royal & Ancient Humor Society of Dublin Ohio

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